Aug 8, 2008

The Los Angeles Heat

It's official, the Los Angeles Clippers are heads and shoulders above every other NBA team this offseason in terms of activity. Last night, I read a headline that Jason Williams (aka White Chocolate) will be joining fellow former Miami guard Ricky Davis with the Clips.
What do these moves mean for the Clippers? Quite a bit, in my opinion.

Williams, much maligned for his flashiness, has actually developed into a pretty reliable NBA guard. Despite this supposedly flashiness, White Chocolate has presumably matured over the years. In 28mpg last season, he only averaged 1.36 turnovers -- far below his career average of 2.27 in 31mpg. Choco will be a great backup to Baron Davis, and suddenly the Clippers went from having Dan Dickau & Brevin Knight to having Davis and Williams. HUGE upgrades.

Ricky D is a high risk, high reward type of player. Nobody has ever questioned his talent, but many have questioned his work ethic. Have you forgotten Ricky's infamous attempt at a triple double by purposely missing a shot on the other team's basket so he could grab his tenth rebound? Yikes. On the other hand, this is Baron Davis' team now. He did a marvelous job of helping to keep Stephen Jackson's head on straight in GS, so why can't he do the same for Davis? Jackson is a bigger hothead, in my opinion, and Ricky's game is actually pretty similar to Stephen's. In fact, I'd argue that Stephen Jackson is almost a poor man's version of Ricky Davis. I'm betting on good chemistry between the Davis' this season in LA.

The Clips have set themselves up with a pretty solid roster. It is lined with veterans (Davis, Williams, Camby, Kaman, other Davis), but also has a few young prospects that are very talented (Thornton, Gordon). In my experience, this type of mix has "playoff berth" written all over it. I'm predicting it now: Clippers get the 7th playoff seed in a loaded west.


KneeJerkNBA said...

I like the Baron and Camby acquisitions. Not sold on Ricky and JWill, though. Neither of them play a lick of D.

Walton's Wisdom said...

JWill ain't bad as a backup, and RD is a good third option to have on offense.

Good point about defense, though. I'm not sure how Gordon & Thornton are on the defensive end, so maybe the RD & JW acquisitions will make the Clips into nothing more than this year's version of Denver at the defensive end.

Anthony Wilson said...

Thanks my mannimal. I try. Congrats on building up a consistent readership in such a short time. I've been doing this blog thing for more than a year now, got five or six links from Deadspin, got another link from a widely read AP news article - and nobody reads my blog. Nobody. Can't keep a crowd yet. Guess I'm too lazy. Maybe me, you, the guy from 48 Minutes of Hell, and Nitin Savant from In-The-Refrigerator should collaborate on a team blog. We could beg and plead for the great John Krolik, the child prodigy from Free Darko by way of USC, to head it. That way, once people caught onto it, I wouldn't have to write much and people would still read my ish. It would be the best of both worlds for me.

Keep up the good work.