Aug 20, 2008

Bela Karolyi = Legend

I've gotta admit, my interest in the Beijing games had been dwindling ever since Phelps won #8. Outside of a few track & field events and the first half of the basketball games, I had little motivation to tune in to NBC. That all changed last night when I watched a gymnastics event. No, I'm not referring to the comedic irony of an event called "women's" gymnastics being dominated by pre-teen girls. I'm referring to the passionate broadcasting of the "Romanian Rocket", Bela Karolyi. If you don't know who I'm talking about, here's a little photo montage for your viewing pleasure (excuse the lame spin-off of Nike's early-90's ad campaign):

Bela Knows Bravado

Bela Knows Body Building

Bela Knows Bringing 'Em Up Right

Bela Knows Basement Slumber Parties

Bela Knows Beating the Odds

Bela Knows Being the Predator, not the Prey

Bela Knows Building Camaraderie

Bela Knows Body

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of listening to fire he brings to each Olympic broadcast, do yourself a favor and go to youtube. You won't regret it.


GB's Fav Five said...

Does anyone else find it strange that the USA imports people to compete for them in the Olympics? Now, I'm not sure of the rules for competing for a given country but it's getting a little old.

I was watching some good ol' fashioned ping pong last night and representing the USA was none other than the 4th ranked player in China/the world, whatever. Upon listening to more and more commentary I gathered that she was disappointed china didn't ask her to compete for them. Why didn't they, you ask? Because the top 3 ranked players in the world/china were all from China as well. I just don't get this. Someone needs to drop some knowledge on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Bela Karolyi = Child Abuse

Bob said...

Why celebrate this abusive demon who made his fame pounding little girls bones into dust?

Google Trudy Kollar, Rumanian champion gymnast who tells the story of the physical abuse used by the Karolyi's, beating them until they bled, denying food and water, etc.

The Karoyli's are monsters, who cares if they deliver medals.

Walton's Wisdom said...

Bob: I. was. kidding.

I find Karolyi's apparent obsession with 14-year-old girls quite alarming. If he has in fact physically abused any of these girls, I am even more appalled.