Jul 24, 2008

Monta Ellis gets $67M

Is this a good move? I'm torn. It's not that I don't believe he's worth those kinds of dollars, it's just that I'm doubting the Warriors will utilize him properly.

I'm a huge Ellis fan, but I think the Warriors are making a mistake if they plan on building around him as a POINT GUARD. I'm hoping the W's are planning on developing newly-acquired Marcus Williams as their point man, because Ellis is not and will never be a lead guard in this league.

Ellis is a shoot-first, pass-second kind of player. I don't think he's selfish by any means -- he is merely best suited as a scorer. Playing alongside B-Diddy the last few seasons took the burden off him from a ballhandling and distributing perspective. He could finish on the fast break and slash from the wings. With Davis gone, he's probably going to spend the bulk of his minutes at the 1. Nellie is going to start him with Jackson & Maggette, and neither of those two are capable of playing the point guard.

Watch the turnovers pile up in this whirling dirvish offense next season...


Anonymous said...

Is Jerryd Bayless' game a clone of Monte Ellis' game?


Walton's Wisdom said...

Well, in my opinion Bayless has a better pull-up/outside shooting game. Ellis is faster.

Funny you should bring that up, though. They can both get to the rim at ease and are great finishers.

KneeJerkNBA said...

There are definitely some similarities.

Hopefully the Blazers will push the ball this year and utilize bayless' athleticism.