Jul 2, 2008

10 Reasons to Hate the San Antonio Spurs

10. Manu Ginobili's flopping

9. Fabricio Oberto's flopping

8. Robert Horry's flagrant fouls

7. Tim Duncan's wide-eyed, elbows cocked, basketball clenched whining after every call/no-call involving him in the post

6. The ten minutes devoted to praising how fundamentally sound Tim Duncan is in every Spurs vs. anyone broadcast

5. The five minutes devoted to reminding us how "underrated" and "overlooked" the Spurs' dynasty has been in every Spurs vs. anyone broadcast

4. Tim Duncan's oversized shirts in post-game press conferences

3. The always stretched-out neck of Tony Parker's jersey

2. Bruce Bowen

1. The Riverwalk being San Antonio's #1 tourist attraction

Honorable Mention: Jacque Vaughn's jump shot, the ugliest uniforms in pro sports, the Spurs fan who calls in to national radio shows, Tony Parker trying to rap


KneeJerkNBA said...

The lovely complexion of Greg Popozitz.

Anonymous said...

And the #1 reason for this less than intelligent blog; JEALOUSY!
Top Ten Reason to be a SPUR HATER:
10. They Win
09. They Win
08. They have 4 championships
07. They have great moral character
06. They Win
05. They Win
04. They lead the league by example
03. They don't fight
02. They simply come out to do a job
01. They are the most winningest team in all pro-sports during the past 10 years!

Walton's Wisdom said...

Haha, eeeeeeeeeasy, Anon.

Although you are generally correct about the reasons people hate the Spurs, that can be said for any team that wins consistently (i.e. Patriots, Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers, etc.). I don't fall into your "jealousy" category, however, as my favorite team is the Lakers -- pretty sure I've had plenty to cheer about over the years. I don't even hate the Spurs, and actually appreciate their brand of basketball for the most part.

This is a blog, and even YOU have to admit your Spurs are an easy target!