Jun 3, 2008

Seeing Double

Without further ado, here are my top five player/celebrity look-alike tandems:

5. Fabricio Oberto & Kurt Cobain: Nirvana loyalists, no need to fear. Oberto has been practicing his vocals and the band plans on reuniting in the near future with Fabricio on the mic. Should be a seamless transition. In fact, Flea (Chili Peppers) was sitting courtside at this one and told me Oberto was actually singing the lyrics to "Come as You Are" when this photo was shot.

4. Donyell Marshall & Ludacris: Just take a minute to look at these photos. The resemblance is uncanny.

3. Kyle Korver & Ashton Kutcher: With Korver's move to Utah, there's a good chance he will eventually have been with as many women as Ashton has - but Korver's women will be all at the same time. Even Ashton can't top that.

2. Manu Ginobili & Borat: Which picture is more disturbing? Rumor has it Manu actually auditioned for Borat's role in "Borat comes to America." He didn't make the cut because his legs weren't hairy enough. With a little rogain, he could be ready in time for the biographical movie commemorating Borat's life that is scheduled to hit theaters in 2011.

1. Sam Cassell & ET: If the Celtics win the NBA Championship, Doc Rivers promised Sam that he would ride his bike into the galaxy with Cassell in basket to give him a proper retirement send-off.


koth said...

Nicely done. Where did you get that picture of Ginobli? What do you think about Rick Carlisle and Jim Carrey?

Walton's Wisdom said...

The Ginobili picture was actually at the Pentagon locked away with the Roswell pictures and other items, per request of David Stern. This made it especially difficult to obtain...

As for Carlisle & Jim Carrey -- that's genius. I hadn't thought of the comparison, but I googled both for fun and they could pass for twins. Good find.

Sager's Suit Collection said...

I give thanks to you, Walton's wisdom, for allowing Ginobli to finally show us his true form. I finally understand his on court antics and have truly discovered the meaning for his continual flops to his back. A friendly gesture to the NBA that he will lay down for any man and garb himself in character for the occasion. Fundamentals, Ginobli. Fundamentals.

LeakBrewerGator said...

Nice post. How about Chris Bosh and Skeletor? Rajon Rondo and David Ruffin? or Lebron and Seabiscuit?

Walton's Wisdom said...

Lebron & Seabiscuit? Hahaha, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but, what about Mike Jones and any of the four ninja turtles?


Walton's Wisdom said...

To be honest, I'm not sure I know what Mike Jones looks like... the first time I read your comment I thought you meant Mike "Make it Rain" James.

Anonymous said...

Exhibit 1: http://www.fresh99.com/images/mikejones/mike-jones.jpg

Exhibit 2:

You be the judge