May 7, 2008

Random NBA Thoughts

For lack of a more creative idea, I will call these my "random" thoughts -- and that's exactly what they are. Bear in mind I'm writing this May 7th, the same night the Lakers went up 2-0 on the Jazz and the Magic pulled within 2-1 of the Pistons.

- Jerry Sloan sure swears a lot for coaching a team who's fan base is 90% Mormon. Either TNT only zooms in on him when he's pissed, or he throws in an F Bomb every (F-ing) sentence...

- How did Carlos Boozer get so bad, so fast?

- I've repeatedly called Billups overrated. I'm eating crow after watching the Billups-less Pistons self-destruct against the Magic tonight...

- Has Hubie Brown ever completed a sentence without using the word "percentage"?

- Does anyone actually watch the Bill Engvall show?

- Nothing irritates me more than the stretched-out neck of Tony Parker's jersey. To me it reads: "I've never quite rid myself of my need for a pacifier," more than: "Eva insists I wear this jersey to bed while we're on the road."

- I went through 4 oxy pads during the last Spurs game when Popovich was getting extra face time.

- Somebody needs to tell KB24 & CP3 the MVP race is over, because they seem to be doing their own rendition of "anything you can do, I can do better..." in every game. Just wait until they are playing head-to-head in the conference finals.

- I wish Okur would just stay on his offensive three-point line because I HATE watching him (attempt to) play defense.

- Surely, Reggie Miller will conquer puberty one of these broadcasts, right? I guess my voice would be higher if I was sitting next to Marv Albert, too.

- I wonder if anyone on the Jazz thinks it's funny T-Mac was once considered in the same class as Kobe...

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